Why should I choose hot foil printing?

Hot foil printing is a clean instantly dry medium for the transfer of lettering and graphics on to many substrates. For the printing of date and batch details on labels it offers high speeds, excellent quality and quick change of data. For cosmetics and personal care packaging, it offers a high quality, metallic gloss enhancement of many products.

How should I choose between a metal die and a silicone rubber die?

A metal die gives a slightly, ‘impressed’, effect to the print which is ideal for leather, paper and board products. A silicone rubber die gives a, ‘laid on’, effect to the print which is ideal for plastics. Silicone rubber also has a slight flexibility to conform to minor irregularities in the shape of moulded products.

Are silicone rubber dies all the same?

Our silicone rubber dies are produced from engraved masters which give a superior quality of impression when printed. We have a range of different hardnesses and different formulations for bespoke applications. Two hardnesses may be combined on one die for extra flexibility.

How long does a silicone rubber die last?

There are many factors that govern die life, such as the operating temperature, the print pressure required, the type of foil and the type of varnish already applied to the product. However, it is not unusual for a die to produce over 100,000 impressions.

How thick should be the backing for a silicone rubber die?
It is our recommendation that the thickness of the backing be a minimum of 10mm to aid consistent heat transfer.

Can backings be re-used?

Used aluminium backings can be re-moulded with any design of the same size saving money and helping to protect the environment.

How should the die be fixed to the hot stamping machine?

Heat cured die bonding tape is the traditional method. However, it is very difficult to clean off so we recommend screw fixings. All Bowers and Freeman dies are supplied with appropriate screw holes at no extra cost.

What information do you need to supply a die?

The artwork should be supplied in a format compatible with either Abode Illustrator version CC, (PC or Mac), or Corel Draw in PC format. If the die is to be curved, we require an stp or IGES file of the component. We also need details of the machine type and die fixing.

What if I don’t have any artwork?

Just send us the details and we will create the artwork for you for a small additional charge.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is £50.00 plus carriage and VAT.

We have listed the answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked but will be adding to the list so if you would like us to add any answers or have any queries, please call us on + 44 (0)116 278 5311 or email us at info@bowersfreeman.com