Industry sectors

Aerospace fastener industry

The global market for aerospace fasteners is growing rapidly due to the trend for larger planes and a revival in air travel.

This has resulted in increased demand for aircraft maintenance, making the aftermarket segment one of the strongest demand generators for aerospace fasteners over the next few years.

Through extensive research and development we have developed the Superpunch (Patent Pending).  When producing countersunk fasteners, the unique Superpunch will produce ten times more fasteners than the comparative punches available from the USA and it’s extended life reduces costs and increases production capability.  Our continuous development programme aims to extend these benefits to other styles of punches.

Further innovation has resulted in a new punch to produce fasteners with a non-patented screwdriver recess.  This unique, patented process allows small quantities of punches to be produced cost effectively for the first time.

We also produce first process heading punches, wafers, fillet rolls and other components to the same premium standard.

For more information please see Aerospace fastener tooling.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires the very precise printing of permanent data over prolonged periods of production.

Our type and wordblocks for direct printing and embossing can be manufactured for all types of printing machine.

Our unique engraved data boxes also provide a sturdy and efficient method of transferring information through hot foil printed and embossed data applications.

For more information please see Type and wordblocks and Data boxes.

Consumer packaging 

Food and drink manufacturing is an intensely competitive sector, and has been consolidating in recent years through a number of mergers and acquisitions. In addition, there are increasing demands on manufacturers for clear labelling with greater amounts of data to ensure the consumer has all the information they require to make a purchasing decision.

Our unique engraved data boxes have been especially designed for the hot foil stamping of variable data such as date, price and code information onto a variety of applications.

We also supply many leading manufacturers with tools for the hot foil decoration of plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Our quality hardened steel cutters are supplied to a wide variety of customers for the cutting and printing of many hospitality products.

For more information please see Tools for bottle decorating, Data boxes and Dies and cutters.

Cosmetics and personal care

In a highly competitive sector, cosmetics manufacturers must comply with detailed labelling requirements but also make their packaging appealing to consumers and consistent with their brand image.

We have created a unique, patented process that produces a previously unattainable reflective, holographic style effect on flat or curved surfaces from silicone dies making the process ideal for cosmetics and luxury packaging.

We also supply many leading manufacturers with tools for the hot foil decoration of plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes.

For more information please see Data boxes, Silicone rubber dies, Dies for special effectsDies and cuttersType and wordblocks and Tools for bottle decoration.

Security industry

With the ever-present threat of terrorism, the world is increasingly security-conscious and with fraud on the increase is looking for ways to reduce theft.

To respond to this need, assisted by the latest computerise technology we are able to create flat and curved metal dies to the very highest standards of accuracy for the hot stamping of holograms onto banknotes and designs onto other sensitive products..

For more information please see Dies and cutters and Dies for special effects.