Aerospace fastener tooling

Bowers & Freeman is now the leading British manufacturer of premium quality heading punches, second operation marking stamps and other components for the aerospace fastener industry.

Our special processes ensure excellent character definition giving very clear detail on the fastener while the surface specification can be tailored to customised, in-house production requirements; standard smooth, coarse or polished finishes are all available.

Through extensive research and development we have developed the Superpunch (Patent Pending). When producing countersunk fasteners, the unique Superpunch will produce ten times more fasteners than the comparative punches available from the USA and it’s extended life reduces costs and increases production capability. Our continuous development programme aims to extend these benefits to other styles of punches.

Further innovation has resulted in a new punch to produce fasteners with a non-patented screwdriver recess. This unique, patented process allows small quantities of punches to be produced cost effectively for the first time.

We also produce first process heading punches, wafers, fillet rolls and other components to the same premium standard.

For more information on our Superpunch and other products for the aerospace fastener industry please call us on + 44 (0)116 278 5311 or email us at