Branding irons

Brand burger buns.

Steel brand heated using an external flame. They are ideal for use in areas without easy access to electricity.

Electrically heated branded. Brass dies can be made interchangeable to allow more than one die to be used on the same electric iron.

Electrically heated brand VAT.

When branding process.

Trials should be carried out by the user to establish the most effective temperature for brand excessive force should be avoided.

Although there is no manufacturer’s guarantee for these items, replacement heating elements can be ordered if required.

Whilst the engraving of complex and lines a minimum thickness of 1mm. All files should be supplied as they need to look ie black on white, right reading.


  • What material do you wish to brand – this is very important to confirm the artwork is the correct size when the file is opened
  • What design is required – please send an artwork file.

Artwork files must be created to outlines (some called vectoring) preferably in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Some other software can be used but only if the original artwork file is created to outlines.