Dies for special effects

Our silicone rubber dies are all made from a special composition of silicone rubber. We offer bespoke dies which give high quality print onto a variety of components whether flat or shaped.

Using the latest computerised technology we have developed dies which produce a previously unattainable reflective, holographic style effect using standard metallic foil on rigid plastics. Curved or flat surfaces may be printed, making this unique process ideal for the printing of cosmetics and luxury packaging.

Our precision engineering experts can print either a complete holographic style of pattern or incorporate smaller areas with standard text.

A range of standard patterns is available or a bespoke holographic design can be created from customers’ own artwork.

When used with transfer film, this exclusive process produces a range of outstanding visual and tactile effects.

Our engineers offer a specialist design and manufacturing facility to create bespoke effects or to solve particular production challenges.

We also offer silicone rubber covered wheels for printing lines around cosmetic bottle caps as well as silicone rubber rollers to print transfer film or apply foil to glass products.

For more information on this unique holographic process please call us on + 44 (0)116 278 5311 or email us at info@bowersfreeman.com