Silicone rubber dies

Our silicone rubber dies are produced from engraved masters of the highest quality which results in excellent print and character definition.

We have a range of different silicone rubber formulations and hardnesses which we are able to combine to provide bespoke solutions to difficult projects.

Our unique master mould system provides very accurate moulding of dies over long periods of use.

The print face profile of our dies may be shaped as required to match the curvature of a moulding and the aluminium backing core is also profiled to give consistent heat transfer.

Aluminium backings can often be re-moulded with fresh rubber so saving cost and helping to protect the environment.

A new innovative development enables our dies to be specially formed to eliminate air entrapment during the printing of solid areas of the design, which previously proved to be difficult.

Holding fixtures are designed and manufactured to support the mouldings during printing and enable the efficient loading and unloading of parts.

Specialist technical advice on silicone rubber dies is always available upon request.

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